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Just the way you are - A fanfiction of figure skating Part 4

Posted on May 25 2014 by Cosima in Fanfiction 4

Hello dear friends,

I'm sorry for the delay of posting the next part but here it is :) Hope you enjoy reading & please let me know if you like it :)

Best wishes from Cosima :)

Linda: May I introduce my daughter Sasha to you? Elvis, this is Sasha, Sasha, as you probably already know, this is Elvis Stojko!

WHAAAAT?????????? Sasha couldn’t believe it. Elvis Stojko stood in front of her....THE Elvis Stojko......the Canadian icegod!

Sasha shook in trance hands with him and greeted him with quiet voice.

Sasha: Hi Mr. Stojko! Nice to meet you!

As a result he replied with the most staggering smile that Sasha had ever seen:

Elvis: Hi Sasha! It's my pleasure to meet you! But please don't call m Mr. Stojko, I'm Elvis, ok Sasha?

Sasha: Oh….I'm sorry…..Mr. …ahm…..Elvis!

… Sasha stammered and wished to disappear in the ground.

She talked like the last fool, she felt how the redness went on her cheeks......and Elvis gave her a disarming smile. How he looked at her with his beautiful brown eyes.....Sasha could hardly think a clear thought. She didn't know whether she should kill Linda for it or should fall gratefully before her on her knees. She had to say something now. Slowly she had the feeling to have herself under control a bit better again and so she said:

Sasha: I think I have to apologize for my strange behavior but…..I'm so excited to meet you Elvis!

What followed then would have let Sasha almost fall in unconsciousness, because he replied:

Elvis: Kein Problem, ich doch auch!

IN GERMAN! This man was unbelievable! And how he looked at her by saying these words...archly but also very dear.....it was like melting away....

Well informed, how Sasha was about her icegod, she combined hair-keenly that he had to have picked up a few German words from his former trainer Uschi Keßler, who came from Germany. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!! She was short about to fall on the ground like the 2 rockers from „Wayne's World “and to shout out „I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy!“. But fortunately Linda's intervention prevented the worst. While Sasha still stared fascinated smiling at Elvis, Linda said:

Linda: As you know, Sasha, Elvis quit the competitive figure skating 3 years ago. In thesis 3 years he learned how to become a choreographer. He wants to teach the young skaters what he has learned in his life. And he decided to work with m of ace my co-choreographer from today on. I'm very proud about this fact and I hope for a very good and long lasting cooperation with Elvis. What do you say, Sasha?

Sasha had heard each word, nevertheless she had problems to understand what she had said. Elvis Stojko wanted to become Lindas co-choreographer? CRAZINESS! She had expected everything today, but this was nearly too much. And nevertheless it was the truth.

Before Sasha could get a scream-cramp, she remembered that Linda had asked her a question.

Sasha: What? Ahm…..to be honest, I'm pretty speechless!

…..she replied with an apologetic gaze in Elvis ' direction. Because of her disarming honesty he gave her such a charming smile Stephane wouldn’t have been able to do it better.

Elvis: Sasha, you're too sweet! I hope you often come to our training to watch what we're doing!

Sasha: I'm afraid you'll see me more often than you'll like it!

….. Sasha replied, picking the last remains of her self-control together.

She felt like a lovesick teenager who faces its favourite boygroup....it was so embarrassing!

But Elvis replied laughing:

Elvis: Ah Sasha! You're sweet AND funny! You don't have to worry, I never get tired of seeing charming women! I'm really looking forward to see you here as often as possible, Sasha! Do you promise to come every day? Just to please me!

Sasha: Mr…ahm….Elvis, I'll try to bother you both as much as I can but I have to work, so I can't promise you to see my funny face every day….but I'll work on it!

And again he laughed his heartily, friendly laughter.

Now, Linda indicated the wish to speak again.

Linda: Sasha, I'd suggest you introduce Elvis to the skaters as their new choreographer. Only if Elvis doesn't mind, of course…..

She looked inquiring at Elvis.

Elvis: Oh no, Linda, no problem. It's my pleasure to be introduced by such a nice young lady!

With the last words, he winked at Sasha.

And once more the incomparable Elvis-smile.

And once more Sasha felt how the blood came on her cheeks, and she didn't know whether she should pray that the ground opens under her feet and might devour her mercifully or that somebody stopped the time for her so she would be able to look forever into these glistening, brown eyes.

Linda declared both, that she had still to take care of some office stuff and would join them later.

When Elvis and Sasha left the office, Sasha turned around to her mom who threw a triumphant gaze at her which Sasha answered with the „Thumbs up!“- sign.

Thousands thoughts shot through Sashas head.

What should she do or say without feeling even more embarrassing. And all at once they were there again, stronger than ever before: the complexes because of her figure that simply didn't correspond to the current beauty-ideal. They almost flooded her. She tried not to let them get her down. Nevertheless, she didn’t kid herself. This man could choose his girlfriends. As far as she could remember, he even had one. This she had taken to knowledge 1994 in the „FOX on Ice Special “- interview with regret. But at that time, it didn't bother her as much as today because at that time she would have explained everyone for madly who would have said that she would ever experience him skin-near. Sasha had seen many competitions on the spot but it wasn’t grudged her to be present during his best time. She still went to school at that time, after that came the education as a graphic-designer. Sasha had extremely regretted this. She was fascinated from the Canadian.

He was so charismatic.

His jumps were so powerful.

His landings so dreamily sure.

His skating so expressively.

She simply raved about him. Sasha couldn’t say exactly if she had avoided it consciously to be at a competition, where he lined up with as well. She was always a very good pupil, therefore it would have been no problem to be freed for 1 or 2 weeks from school. Yes, the more she thought about it she realized that she had hidden behind her school books. From him. And in retrospective it was probably better that way. My God, today she had made a complete fool of herself, according to her opinion, with her 29 years, what kind of stupidity she would have done with 18? Linda hadn’t also understood it at that time. She had been aware of of course that Sasha idolized Elvis, but she had respected her decision not to come along to these competitions.

And now? Now, Sasha went down the stairway wordlessly, at her side her absolute figure skating-idol. She desperately searched for a way how to start an inconsequential conversation.

The thought finally to have to say something had kept Elvis busy, too. And so it came that both wanted to start the small talk simultaneously.

Elvis: Sasha, how...?

Sasha: Elvis, when...?

Amazed about their obviously same thoughts both looked at each other for a moment. How was that...2 souls, 1 thought?! Then, they started both to laugh. It was a heartily and above all liberating laughter, because now the ice had finally broken.

Sasha: Oh…sorry, Elvis, what do you wanted to say?

Elvis: Oh no, Sasha, ladies first!

Sasha: But you’re the guest!

Elvis: And I'm a gentleman!

And there it was again, this mischievous grin that had almost drove her crazy in the office. Resistance useless! So here we go.

Sasha: So you’re a gentleman? Ok, I’ll remember you of this fact if you should ever forget it! What I wanted to ask was, when did you decide to become a choreographer?

Elvis: Oh, that was right after the Olympic Games 2002. I realized that my competitive career had come to an end but I wanted to give my knowledge to the next generation of figure skaters. So it was a small step to start learning how to teach choreography. Then I had heard about the achievements of your mother and I wanted to start as a choreographer with a great trainer and that’s your mom. I called her if she wanted to work with me and fortunately, she agreed. So here I am, Sasha!

Sasha: I thank you on behalf of my mom for your compliments! I think it was a great idea from you to come to us…and it was even greater from my mom to agree!

Oh girl, can’t you shut up your mouth for once in your lifetime? Why don’t you cling your arms around him, stupid girl!

Ok, distract quickly!

Sasha: Ahm….what about your question, Elvis?

Puuh, rescued great, Sasha!

Elvis: What? Ahm….oh yes. I wanted to ask: how did you come to Canada? Please don’t get me wrong….I mean…your English is perfect but I think I hear a touch of German accent in it!

Now, it was Sasha’s turn to smile.

Sasha: You’re good! But let me guess, you know how that sounds from Uschi, your coach, am I right?

Elvis: Yes, you are!

…. Elvis replied a bit perplexed.

She seemed to be very well informed about him. He didn't know why but the thought pleased him.

Sasha: I had always hoped that one day I would lose this little fault but it seems I haven’t after all these years! But it’s true. My mom and I moved from Germany to Calgary 14 years ago. She had got an offer to coach young skaters here as good as she already did in Germany.

She added with quieter voice:

Sasha: When my grandma died in 1991 we had nothing more to lose….no relatives, no closer friends…so we decided to face the challenge!

Sasha tried to smile but she didn't succeed completely. Elvis looked at her and felt that it was difficult for her to talk about it. She had to have loved her grandmother very much, he thought. And how sad her normally so happy, beautiful, green eyes had become...this gave him a sting in his heart. He wanted to see her sweet smile again and so he tried to distract her.

Elvis: And how do you like it here in Canada, especially here in Calgary?

Gratefully for the topic-change, she answered:

Sasha: Oh I just love Canada, it’s such a great place to live, and the landscape is breathtaking beautiful. And Calgary is the most incredible city to live. I really do enjoy being here. There’s nowhere else on earth I’d rather be!

With contentment Elvis determined that her eyes glistened again just as enthusiastically as in the office a moment ago.

Meanwhile, the two had arrived at the ice rink. Elvis looked around a bit uncomfortable.

Sympathetically, she asked:

Sasha: Are you nervous, Elvis?

Elvis: A little bit, Sasha. But deep inside I know I don’t have to…’cause you’re by my side…and …ahm….I’m sure you introduce me the right way to the skaters, Sasha!

Oooops, what was this? Sasha looked directly into his eyes to see that he had done a joke, that his mischievous grin appeared on his face again. But she discovered none of these indications, in the opposite, she read a deep honesty in his face for each word that he had said. He looked her also directly in the eyes, with open gaze and a sincere smile, that would have been able to bring an iceberg to the meltdown. What should she think of it? This almost sounded like a.....no, that couldn’t be! If SHE had made a love-explanation to him, well, but HE to her? Oh no, girl, there’s the wish the father of the thought in your mind again! But this gaze...how was this old saying? Brown eyes are dangerous but in the love honest! No, Sasha, don’t kid yourself, furthermore he has a certainly beautiful, slim girlfriend, therefore he’s only friendly to you inconspicuous tubby girl, enough!

Arriving at the edge of the rink fortunately kept Sasha from an answer or reaction on which Elvis just had said. Still a bit confused she called all of Lindas proteges together.

Sasha: Hello guys! Could I have your attention for a moment, please?

Immediately, the murmur of the skaters who wondered, stopped.

Sasha: Thank you! I’ve been asked to introduce a new member to our skating family. As you all probably know, this is the great skater Elvis Stojko, multiple World Champion, among lots of other important victories!

Friendly applause started. Inquiring faces looked alternating at themselves, Elvis and Sasha. As the applause had lain down a bit, Sasha continued.

Sasha: But as you can tell, he’s not here just for fun, oh no! Gentlemen, I’m very proud to announce that Elvis “Mr. Quad” Stojko will be from this day on your new co-choreographer!

The inquiring faces brightened and now blustery applause bursted out. Also Sasha slapped enthusiastically although she couldn’t actually believe what she had just told the others. She was also a bit proud of herself that she had done a quite good job with Elvis’ introduction despite her excitement. She went a step back to let Elvis speak now. She looked at him. He smiled back at her gratefully.

Elvis stepped forward. After the waves of the applause had calmed down a bit, he started to speak.

Elvis: Thank you, thank you very much for your warm welcome! And thank you, Sasha for your very nice introduction!

Sasha: It was my pleasure, Elvis!

…. Sasha replied, a bit more quietly, but loud enough so that he heard it.

Elvis: Ahm…as Sasha already mentioned in her very kind way I’m your new co-choreographer. After I quit the competitive figure skating I started to learn how to teach choreography. And I decided to start with the best trainer in Canada: LINDA ANSBACH!

Again the skaters applauded and howled of enthusiasm, because for them Linda was the best which had ever happened to them. They all owed her much. As they had calmed down again, Elvis added:

Elvis: I hope for a very good cooperation. And thank you again for your nice welcome!

And again applause from all sides. At the last words, he looked directly into Sasha eyes which had 1x more the consequence that her cheeks turned red.

This gaze....Lord, give me strength, Sasha thought.

The skaters were truly enthusiastic, because the applause not wanted to finish any more.

Only one was not completely so enthusiastic as the others.


He slapped rather quiet, not as euphoric as the other skaters around him. Sashas gaze had not escaped him. Her smile was different than normally. She seemed to shine from inside out. Tonight, she looked even more enchanting than otherwise and Stephane was sure that this had to do with Elvis ' presence. But he would not resign so quickly. He saw that they were talking. While the other skaters continued with their training, Stephane ran across to the two.

Sasha: You see, you really didn’t have to be nervous! All these people around here are very nice and friendly!

Elvis: I know, Sasha! But if it wasn’t for your charming introduction…I don’t know if it had turned out like that!

Some more red for Sashas cheeks, please!

Sasha: Oh…ahm…I’m sure it had but…thank you, Elvis!

Elvis: Ahm…Sasha…can I invite…

Stephane: Hello, mon petite!

Sasha winced a bit. She looked at Elvis expectantly. She still heard something from invite and then...bang, Stephane stood beside her, she hadn’t heard him come at all. Sasha hated herself for this thought but in this moment she wished Stephane quite far. And what was this „mon petite “-thing? They named themselves only with these pet names, if they were alone as well as with Jeffrey and Sandy. So WHAT please did he want to reach with this?

Sasha: Oh…hi Stephane! Elvis, as you probably know, this is Stephane Lambiel from Switzerland….

Elvis: I know, Sasha. I watched Lindas work since a long time. He became European Champion last year and nearly reached gold at Worlds. Congratulations, by the way, Stephane! Even if they’re belated! You did a great job!

Stephane: Oh, thank you, Mr. Stojko! It was a lot of hard work but Linda and Sasha supported me very much!

He came up to Sasha, put the arm around her waistline and kissed her on the cheek. Sasha didn't know what she should do. So she simply let everything happen.

Elvis had the feeling, that Sasha felt a bit unpleasant, therefore he decided to relax the situation a little.

Elvis: Ahm…Sasha, I think it would be the best if I’d go back to Lindas office to discuss what we do in the next days. Can I hope for you to visit us tomorrow, Sasha?

Sasha: I can’t promise but I’ll try it, Elvis!

Elvis: So see you, Sasha! Bye Stephane!

Stephane: Goodbye, Mr. Stojko!

Sasha: Yes, see you, Elvis! Goodbye!

Elvis shook hands with Sasha and Stephane on parting. While Sasha smiled apologetic, Stephane showed no expression. Elvis went to the stairways, that led up into Linda's office. Sasha looked after him. She didn't know why but the whole situation was embarrassing to her. Furthermore, she was ashamed a bit of Stephane. Elvis had congratulated him on his successes in the last year but Stephane had reacted so cool and rejective on the luck-wishes. At all, his present-day behavior had seemed to her extremely strange. He had nearly exploded their conversation and behaved like a watchdog, like a chaperon. Why did he do this? Sasha would have asked Stephane about it too gladly but she was afraid that this conversation would end up in a dispute and she was too harmony-addicted for that. At all....why should she take on the risk of a dispute with Stephane if she not even knew about what she should be actually evil? Elvis had a girlfriend, enough! And Stephane...well, you can’t demand that each human being finds each sympathetically, he had to handle on the ice with him, all further was private-matter.

Elvis turned around on the stairway once again and looked to Sasha. He had the impression that Sasha didn't feel especially well in Stephanes arms. In this moment, also Sasha looked to him. He waved at her and Sasha waved back. She tried to smile but it seemed to be difficult for her for some reason. But probably it was only Elvis’ imagination.

Just the way you are - A fanfiction of figure skating Part 4
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Just the way you are - A fanfiction of figure skating Part 3

Posted on May 11 2014 by Cosima in Fanfiction 3

Hi dear folks,

hope you enjoyed the past 2 parts and are waiting for the next one already :) Here it is and I wish you lots of fun reading it :) And sorry for the mean cliffhanger ;)

Just the way you are - Part 3

Monday morning. The alarm clock woke Sasha rudely up in a topmost penetrante manner.

Half past 6.

Oh God, is it truly time to get up again already?


And while Sasha stumbled into the bath half asleep, she thought that THE Monday was finally today. Suddenly, Sasha became lively. After she had taken a shower and had dressed, she nearly hovered the stairway down into the kitchen. There, Linda had already made a great breakfast.

Linda: Good morning, my darling! You have but good mood in the early morning! From where this may probably come.....?!

.....she greeted Sasha and cared her a kiss on the cheek.

Sasha: Good morning, mom! For sure I have good mood today! If it only would be already this afternoon!

Linda: Well the most has already passed! What separates you in the most favorable case are.......

.....Linda looked at the clock.

Linda: .....hardly 9 hours of a surprise, that you haven’t certainly imagined in your wildest dreams!

Sasha: Mom, that’s mean! You know exactly that the worst and the longest are the last hours before a big thing!

Linda: Ok, ok, it’s alright! But you will get an eye!

Sasha twisted the eyes to the ceiling and had to laugh. She knew her mom. If she watered her mouth for it so much, it had to be something special.

Sasha was allowed to be curious.

Exactly at 8 o'clock, Sasha sat at her desk.

She worked in a graphic-design-agency and had worked hard to become in shortest time the right hand of the boss-designer.

Her advertising-posters had already gotten many prices and awards.

Some were even nominated for the „Oscar “of the advertising-industry and so Sasha had made a name quickly in this business.

Of course, she drafted the posters with particular passion for ice shows within Canada and the USA.

That was her specialty.

Shortly after she had sat down, her mobile phone rang. It was Stephane.

Stephane: Bonjour! Well, how is the first working day after the vacation?

Sasha: Bonjour, Stephane! It has started just only now, but thanks for asking! So far, everything is still in the green area, cheri!

Stephane: Oh, I love it, if you speak French! Do you come today to the Dome? Please say yes!

Sasha: Stephane, firstly I had a good teacher concerning my French! And secondly I come to the Dome today by all means! My mom has promised me a giant-surprise! Do you know something about it?

Stephane: Hmmm.....I believe, yes, if it’s this, which I think....!

Sasha: WHAAAAAAT??? YOU know about, too? Well, don’t tell me now, I endured it for a very long time, so I manage this few hours as well!

Stephane: Oho, I won’t tell you anything! Linda would kill me!

Sasha: Oh, I could not be responsible for this of course! So see you this afternoon, Stephane! Et merci beaucoup pour vous coup de téléphone!

Stephane: Mhmm... you know how to let the sun rise in my heart! See you this afternoon, mon petite!

Stephane! What kind of a charmeur! And this with barely 19 years! She knew, if they had become a couple, he would have layed her down in a bed of roses....if it hadn’t been for these 10 years of age-difference. But this matter was clarified for years already. Even if Stephane often made it very hard for her and simply couldn’t curb his charm.

Still smiling about Stephane, Sasha started her work.

As she found the next time a minute to look at her clock, it was already half past 12 am.

Sasha decided that she now make her lunch break first to get going with strengthened power.

Shortly after 1 pm, she sat at her desk again. Actually, she still had 30 minutes of break, but Linda's surprise haunted constantly around her head, she considered better to distract herself with her work again.

At about 3 pm, she had managed everything, which had lain on her desk. HOORAY! She packed up her stuff, snatched her bag and already had the handle in the hand as the telephone rang. Argh, she thought, please not NOW! She answered the phone.

Sasha: Shining star, Inc., Ansbach, can I help you?

Linda: Hey sweetie, it’s me!

Sasha: Mom! What’s up? Hasn’t my surprise arrived yet?

Linda: Oh yes! I only wanted to remind you of it so you don't forget!

Sasha: Haha, very funny, mom! As if I could forget THIS!

Linda: Well then everything is clear! When do you come?

Sasha: I was already on the way from here to go home, changing my clothes! I don't know admittedly for WHOM I start styling, but it won’t be a bad idea anyway, right?!

Linda: There, you’re absolutely right as an exception once! So hurry up! See you!

Sasha: See you, mom!

Aaaaaaah, but now get out of this place!

Breathlessly, Sasha arrived at home. After she had taken a shower quickly, she stood helplessly now in front of her wardrobe.

What should she put on?

If she had known WHOEVER was the big unknown....but maybe it was also better, that she didn't know, who expects her there, otherwise she would have become presumably even more nervous. She decided for her favorite-jeans with rose-imprint on the right leg.

As top, she chose a black sweater with carmen-collar and glitter-embroidery on it.

She pulled her green winter-coat over it, snatched her handbag and started on the way.

Nevertheless she had spent some time in front of the wardrobe, it was „just “ 3.45 pm.

She almost ran the first meters to the Dome but then she thought that it made possibly more impression if she doesn’t arrive there with hanging out tongue and completely besides breath. So Sasha slowed her steps to arrive at the Saddle Dome externally completely relaxed. After a short conversation with George, Sasha entered the ice rink.

Stephane discovered her first and welcomed her very heartily.

Stephane: There you are finally! And delightful you look, as usual!

He took her into his arms and kissed her on both cheeks.

Sasha: Hello Stephane! Thanks for the compliment! I blush for embarrassment!

Stephane: That’s not my fault! You simply always look gorgeous! But the red on your cheeks suits you also very well!

Sasha: Stephane, please!

Sasha had to laugh now. And Stephane smiled at her with his most irresistibly smile.

Now Linda also had noticed that Sasha was there. She approached the both.

Linda: Hello, my darling! Well finally! Probably you’re not curious any more, are you?!

Sasha: MOM!

Linda: Ok,ok! If you don’t have anything better to do you can come in 10 minutes to my office, ok?

Sasha: Anything better to do...HAHA! Ok, in 10 minutes in your office, mom!

With a triumphant smiling Linda left the two alone.

Sasha: Oh Stephane! I’m so curious who sits in this office there!

Stephane: I know it...but I say nothing! You know why!

Sasha: Yes, that’s ok... These 10 minutes I survive as well!

In this moment, Jeffrey came to them.

Jeffrey: Hey Sasha! My beloved sweetheart! You're the greatest!!

He took her stormily into his arms again and kissed her.

As a result, Stephane went between them.

Stephane: Hey, hey, Jeff! What are you doing with my girl?

… he asked with pretended irritation.

Jeffrey: You see it: I kiss and hug her!

Sasha started to laugh. Because she was able to tell by Stephanes face, that the biggest part of his irritation was NOT pretended. She knew him too well. Therefore, she defused the situation with her laughter.

Jeffrey: Sasha knows why. Thank you, darling! I’m deep in your debt! I don’t know what I’ve had done if I hadn’t had you!
Sasha: That’s ok, Jeff! I’m sure I find something for you to make up for, honey!
Jeffrey: No problem, Sasha! But I think I better leave now or Romeo will kill me!
….he replied with a wink in Stephanes direction.

It was an open secret that Stephane still felt more than friendship for Sasha.

Also Stephane had to laugh now and Jeffrey said goodbye to Sasha.

The 2 were alone again. Sasha looked at the watch.

Sasha: Oh man, not nearly 5 minutes later! I don’t believe it!

Stephane: Calm down! It hurts me in my soul to see you suffering but you know....

Sasha: ….no word, otherwise murder through Linda, I know! But the last minutes are always the longest, you know this best, don’t you?

Stephane: Yes, this is correct but...I still don’t know at all whether I let you go to Linda's office!

Sasha: Are you kidding??? Why??

Stephane: Because...oh, I don't know how I should say it.....because.... after you were there, you maybe have no time anymore for me!

Sasha looked dismayed at Stephane.

What had he just said?

No time anymore for him?

Whoever should manage THIS in the whole wide world?

And something scared her even more, the thought that he really imagined it could be possible that Sasha would let her dearest and best friend stand in the rain because of anybody else.

Sasha: But Stephane.....is this what you really think about me? Do you really believe it’s possible that I let you standing outside for any stupid guy after all these years???

Stephane: No, of course not, mon petite!

...... Stephane replied terrified.

He hadn’t wanted this! If he only would have shut his mouth......

Stephane: Say that you’re not mad at me, cheri......PLEASE!

Sasha: No, I’m not…..but, that you expect me to let you fall for anybody else scared me!

Tears appeared in Stephanes eyes and he took Sasha tight into his arms and kissed her on the forehead.

Stephane: Forgive me, mon petite, this was very stupid of me.....I have only fear to lose you!

Sasha: Stephane, you won't lose me! I’m much to fond of you for that! Amis toujours!

Touched from Stephanes honesty Sasha gave him a kiss.

Sasha: Everything ok again?

Stephane smiled and his eyes shone.

Stephane: Oui, Sasha, everything again ok! Thank you for not being mad at me, cheri!

Stephane looked at his watch.

Stephane: Oh Sasha, you’re overdue already 2 minutes for your surprise in Linda's office! Now vite, vite!

Sasha: That doesn’t matter, YOU were now more important! But you’re right, I will start on the way. Maybe we see us later, au revoir!

Stephane gave a farewell to her with 2 kisses on the cheek. He saw after her for a while as she started on the way to Linda's office. Yes, he still loved this woman, even if he had made a „non-attack-pact “with her. He had also fear at that time to lose her and so he could enjoy her nearness at least as a friend, that was better than nothing. But the fear, that had seized of his heart this time, was another kind. At that time he fought only against Sashas irrefutable principles, but this time he fought against another man in Sashas live. And he knew what she thought about this man. She already had told him about this man some years ago but this man was at this time far away and now he sat in Linda's office. What would Sasha say to see him there? He didn't know what he should do but one thing was clear for Stephane: he wouldn’t leave Sasha to another man peacefully! The other one had to prove to him that he had deserved Sasha.....

Sasha went the last steps to Linda's office. There arrived, she knocked at the door.

Linda: Come in, please!

….. Linda's voice sounded from the inside of the office.

Sasha opened the door. The big unknown sat with the back to her. But Sasha already wondered. These dark curls......no, that couldn’t be!

There Linda already waited for her.

Just the way you are - A fanfiction of figure skating Part 3
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Happy Mother's Day :)

Posted on May 11 2014 by Cosima S. Konrad

I want to wish a very Happy Mother's Day to all Mom's out there :)

MOMMY'S, YOU ROCK!!!!!! <3

Picturesource: By Traceylovesmom (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Happy Mother's Day :)
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Three things to celebrate on one day Part 3 :)

Posted on May 4 2014 by Cosima

And last but not least, the 3rd thing to celebrate today is the World Laughter Day :)

World Laughter Day takes place on the first Sunday of May of every year. The first celebration was on January 11, 1998, in Mumbai, India, and was arranged by Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of the worldwide Laughter Yoga movement.

Laughter Yoga says: Laughter is a positive and powerful emotion that has all the ingredients required for individuals to master themselves and to change the world in a tubular way. The day is now celebrated worldwide.

(Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Laughter_Day)

So please feel free to laugh as much as you can while you think of the famous words by Charlie Chaplin*: "A day without laughter is a day wasted!" :)

*Just for the correctness: it is said that the real origin of this phrase goes back to French writer Nicolas Chamfort in 1795 ;)

(Source: http://quoteinvestigator.com/2011/07/16/laughter-day/)

Three things to celebrate on one day Part 3 :)
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Three things to celebrate on one day Part 2 :)

Posted on May 4 2014 by Cosima

And soon we're moving on to the next possible celebration :)

It happens that today is also the Star-Wars-Day...um, yes, I was looking at that line just as surprised as you :D

But the explanation is closer than you think :)

The famous quote "May the FORCE be with you!" went due to some scrabbling and word-gaming to "May, the FOURTH be with you!" and so there was a special day created to celebrate George Lucas' legendary movies :)

So folks, if you feel now like entering the dark side, don't forget: they have COOKIES :D

Have a great Star-Wars-Day! :)

Three things to celebrate on one day Part 2 :)
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Three things to celebrate on one day :)

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Dear friends,

today is May, 4th and though I could hardly believe it there are three things to celebrate on this single day! But let's start at the beginning ;)

The probably most memorable celebration would be the 85th birthday of the incredible Audrey Hepburn :) She was and still is the "girl from 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'", Holly Golightly, for most people all over the world. Her song "Moon River" became an evergreen as much as she became a legend :) I was captured by her performance of Eliza Doolittle in "My Fair Lady", which was one of the first musicals I saw live on stage.

She was a real lady, caring for others as an official ambassador for UNICEF. To me, she is still one of the very few artists I call with highest possible respect a DIVA :)

Maybe you have today the time and the appetite to grab a DVD of Breakfast at Tiffany's or My fair Lady or some other classic with her to celebrate her 85th birthday :)

Three things to celebrate on one day :)
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Just the way you are - A fanfiction of figure skating Part 2

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Hello dear friends :)

And here comes the next part of my figure skating fanfiction, as I promised :)

Hope you enjoy reading as much as I had fun writing it :) Please leave feedback and/or comments, that would be extremely kind of you to help me improving my writing :)

Have fun :)

Just the way you are - Part 2

Sasha changed and started her the way to the Saddle Dome. It was a short way, her appartment was only 10 minutes away from the Dome.

A splendid January-afternoon welcomed her as she stepped out of the door. The air was clear and cold and the sun beamed from the azure heaven. Sasha inhaled deeply. She loved Canada, above all in the winter.

About 2.30 pm, she wanted to meet with her Mom, but how Sasha knew her, it could also get easily 1-2 hours later.

If she trained with a skater, Linda forgot so mundane things like the time. In this moment, only the protege on the ice counted. She was a strict, though fair trainer.

She demanded from her proteges that they gave their best. As a countermove, they got the best possible education.

This had always worked until now fabulously, because the skaters noticed very quickly that Linda knew what she was talking about and what she did.

Sasha entered the Dome. George, the caretaker, greeted her with a smile.

George: Hello Sasha! How are you?

Sasha: Hi George! I’m fine, thanks! And you? How were your holidays?

George: A little bit stressy but hey, that’s what X-mas time is for, eh?! And what about you?

Sasha: Yeah, stressy but you know that I love X-mas more than any other time of the year, George!

George: Sure. What are you doing here today? Be there when another new star on the ice is born, eh?!

Sasha: Oh George, you know me much too well I’m afraid! But to be honest, today I actually only wanted to pick up my mom. We want to go shopping!

George: Ah, women and shopping!

….George said in pretended despair.

Sasha had to laugh and replied:

Sasha: Hey, hey, watch your mouth! Have a nice day, George! I have to go. My credit card has to get empty! See you!

George: Yeah, Sasha. Have fun with spending your money on useless things! Bye, sweetheart!

Sasha smiled to herself. This George! Always a stupid saying on his lips, but because Sasha knew how he meant it, she liked to play along the little game.

George was a pleasant, roundish man in the best years. Grey strands ran through his otherwise dark brown hair. He lived with his wife and 2 of his 5 children outside the city. His 3 daughters were between 25 and 30 years old and had already established own families. George and Bethany had completed their family-planning long ago as their babies of the family Jennifer and Jason were born 5 years ago. Twins. They’ve been the sweetest babies Sasha had ever seen by far. She was also the proud godmother of the two sweethearts. Of course, Sasha had immediately offered her services as a babysitter to the completely surprised by the sudden child-blessing parents, which liked to call these on again and again. And if Sasha had no time for babysitting, what was rare, but occurred now and then, Linda cared about the 2. Both had not forgotten, how lovingly and how, for Canadians rather uncommon, kindly from the first day of their acquaintance on, they’ve been welcomed from George and Bethany, as they came 14 years ago as newcomers into this country.

Sasha started on her way to the ice rink. As she had expected it, Linda was still in the middle of her work. Exactly, she „tormented “the Canadian Jeffrey Buttle.

Linda: Jeff, I told you to do this move with a little bit more emotion. I know you can do it. So show me, please!

….Linda shouted to him exactly as Sasha stepped near.

Sasha: Hi Mom!

Linda and Jeffrey turned around.

Linda: Hello sweetie! Is it already half past 2? Ah God, yes! Sorry, I totally forgot again.....

..... Linda began an apology, but Sasha shook her head smiling.

Sasha: It’s ok, Mom. I know you. Annoy Jeff a little bit more. You know that I like to watch you doing your job!

Linda kissed Sasha on the cheek, happy about her understanding. Jeffrey had came across from the other side of the ice rink to the two meanwhile. He was always happy to see Sasha and it was equally reverse.

Sasha was a gladly seen guest at all at the training, because she had a cheering up saying or another dear word for each skater and never took advantage of her status as a trainer-daughter, never treated a still unknown skater with arrogance. She had much too much respect for the superhuman performances of the athletes.

Of course, a visit of Sasha meant 5 minutes break usually. Jeffrey braked shortly before the edge and got closer.

Jeffrey: Hi Sasha! Nice to see you! How are you?

Sasha: Hi Jeff! I'm fine, thank you! What about you?

With a gaze on Linda, he answered conspiratorial:

Jeffrey: Psst, Sasha, I say nothing without my lawyer!

Linda pressed the hands into the hips in pretended revolt. Sasha had to laugh. Such a joker! Also Linda and Jeffrey tuned in Sashas contagious laughter.

To Jeffrey turned Linda said:

Linda: O.K. Jeff, 5 minutes and then I want to see your program how it's got to be, alright?!

Jeffrey: Yes, Ma'am!!

Jeffrey stood tightly and saluted before Linda. She laughed about her protege once again and left the ice in direction to her office.

Jeffrey: Thank you, Sasha. You've rescued m, darling!

Sasha: Was it so hard today?

Jeffrey: Hard? You're kidding, eh?! I think you should take some lessons in figure skating….with your mom as coach!!!

Both had to laugh.

Jeffrey had “complained” at Sasha about her Mom already several times, because as trainer, she could be very demanding. But he didn't mean it seriously. He knew too well that he would not stand there where he was today, without Lindas occasional hardness.

He had finished the Euros 2004 ranked 6th after all. And at the world-championships in the same year Jeffrey earned after a fall at the triple Rittberger unfortunately only on the 4th place and missed a medal rank by a hair breadth. That was admittedly annoying, but Jeffrey was a happy-nature and was glad to have come so far at all with a hip-injury not completely cured yet.

Sasha: Jeff, you know that she only wants.....

Jeffrey: …the best for me, I truly know that, Sasha! But today I had some serious problems. I can’t concentrate on anything!

Sasha: Why?

Jeffrey: Ahm……it’s…ahm…I had a bad quarrel with Sandy yesterday, you know.

Sandy was Jeffreys girlfriend since almost 3 years. If their time allowed it, the 4 went to the cinema or in a restaurant or did anything else together.

Jeffrey, Sandy, Stephane and Sasha.

They always had very much fun together.

A cinema-evening was planned actual today once again....but now??

Sasha: What was this quarrel about?

Jeffrey: I don’t know….it must have been some small little things that drove me crazy…but now I regret every furious word I said with all my heart!!I don’t know how to say it….but….Sasha…if you….

Sasha:….could talk to Sandy about how you feel?

Jeffreys face brightened a little.

Jeffrey: Would you really....?? Oh Sasha, you’re my angel!

Jeffrey was so grateful that he embraced Sasha stormily and kissed, so she could hardly breathe.

Sasha: Hey Jeff, calm down! If you go on like that I’m afraid I really become an angel….hugged to death!

Immediately he loosened his embrace, but didn't let go completely.

Jeffrey: Sorry, Sasha but I’m so happy. You really saved my day! Oh…what about this evening? I totally forgot….

Sasha: Nevermind, Jeff! I call Sandy as soon as we’re back and if everything goes the way I want I’d suggest you both spend this evening at home…with a nice candlelight-dinner and stuff like that!

Jeffrey: Wow, that’s a great idea! What would I do without you, baby? But is it really ok if we cancel our cinema-evening?

Sasha: Sure. Stephane will be happy I’m afraid!

Both had to laugh again.

Linda: Hey you 2! What's so funny?

Linda was back again.

The two looked at themselves and then replied with an innocent expression:

Jeffrey & Sasha: NOTHING!

And already they had to laugh out loud again.

With pretended strict expression Linda replied:

Linda: So if you have enough energy to laugh about nothing you must have enough energy to show me your program once more, Jeff!

Again Jeffrey saluted before Linda.

Jeffrey: Aye, aye Sir…Ma'am!

After that he gave Sasha a kiss on the cheek and said goodbye to her.

Jeffrey: Bye Sasha! And…..thank you! You’re amazing! I owe you a favor….at least!

Sasha: No problem, Jeff! I’ll consider something really bad for you, cutie!

Jeffrey laughed, freed her from his embrace and winked at her once again, before he went back on the ice.

Linda: I hope, you have motivated Jeff a bit! We want to go shopping!

Sasha: I think so. Don't be too hard with him, Mom!

Linda: He has trouble with Sandy?

Sasha: Hmmm....but that will be ok again. I manage that!

Linda: Do you act as doctor in heart affairs again? And who takes care of YOUR heart?

Sasha: Mom, please.....

Linda: Yes yes, it’s ok, sweetie. So I want to play the ice tyrant once again. See you later!

See you later!.....that was 45 minutes later. But for Linda's circumstances in time. Jeffrey had had to repeat his program 4 times until it found mercy before Linda's eyes.

But the more he skated the more relaxed and more concentrated he became as Sasha determined with contentment. Shortly after he had skated for the 4th time, Linda was called to the telephone in the office.

An urgent telephone call.

For Linda personal.

Such telephone calls occurred rather rarely.

Therefore it had to be something enormous important.

Since Sasha knew that such telephone calls could last she rummaged about short-decided for her mobile phone in her bag and called Sandy. She was still confused like Jeffrey about 1 hour ago as well. She also regretted the dispute with him meanwhile and made the role for Sasha as diplomat in matters of love a bit easier. Sandy thanked Sasha many times, because she probably hadn’t done the first step as she admitted honestly. But now everything was clear, the appointment for the reconciliation-evening was settled and Sasha gave Jeffrey some more good advices for this evening.

Because Linda still wasn’t in sight, Sasha decided to call Stephane as well to tell him that the the cinema-evening with 4 would now turn into a cinema-evening with 2. As she had expected it, he responded with joy and not with disappointment.

Stephane: Only we 2? Quel surprise! I pick you up about 7, d'accord?!

Oh Stephane! Sasha smiled. He hadn’t started even the try to pretend disappointment, no, he said what he thought and never made a murderer-pit of his heart, which apparently was still beating for Sasha.

As Linda finally returned after 30 minutes from her office again, she gave Jeffrey some advices and gave a farewell to him up to the training on the next day. And while Linda and Sasha started on their way, Jeffrey waved at both once again and threw a kiss at Sasha. She „snapped “it and thanked him in same way.

Outdoors arrived Sasha could curb her curiosity no longer.

Sasha: Now come on, Mom....WHO was at the telephone in the Dome? I know that it was an important telephone call, because you had to answer the call personally! Please don’t keep me on tenterhooks no longer mom!

Linda: Ah no, that still remains my secret!

Sasha: But why? To whom should I tell? Come on, mom, who was at the telephone?

Linda: You get nothing from me out! Only that much: you won’t believe your eyes, and I would recommend you to come as quickly as you can from your work to the Dome to me on Monday! Believe me, you won't regret it!

Sasha: But mom! Until Monday are 2 days! How should I endure this without bursting before curiosity??

Linda: Distract!

...... was Linda's laconic answer.

Oh how Sasha hated things like that! If she had been aware of nothing from the action, it wouldn’t be so bad, but so.....well, discussing with her mom would not take her further, it wouldn’t be immediately Monday afternoon by snapping her fingers as well.....therefore she couldn’t do anything else than to follow Linda's advice and to distract herself on this splendid Saturday afternoon, and this workes best with.....SHOPPING! And so they started on their way to the shopping center.

They strolled through the stores, bought this and that. Sasha spent the most time in the CD-Store as usual. Music was Sashas 2. big passion after figure skating.

As Linda and Sasha started on their way home, something entered Sashas mind again.

Sasha: Hey Mom, now I almost forgot something!

Linda: Well, then what?

..... Linda asked, knewing what would now come again.

Sasha: You wanted to tell me who has called you today!

Linda: So? Did I want this? Cannot remember me to have done such a promise!

Sasha: Ah come on, mom, please! On Monday afternoon, I experience it anyway.

Linda: Well, therefore you don’t have to bother me any further, do you?!

Sasha: That’s so mean, mom!

...... Sasha tried now the pity-tour, after the indifference-tour had failed.

Linda: Give it up, Sasha! Look, you must sleep only 2 times and on Monday, you are fortunately busy with your work during the day. And then it’s already Monday afternoon and you see with your own eyes, who it’s all about!

Sasha: Ah! It’s therefore about a certain person!

Linda: Yes, and that’s the last thing, which I have to say to this topic! Don't spoil yourself the surprise, it would be a shame to do. You would never forgive yourself this, believe me!

Sasha: Well yes.....then O.K., I wait for Monday afternoon just patiently!

And this she did.

Sasha had given up any further attempts to find out whoever was the person. Sasha loved surprises....if they were nice. This of course knew hardly one better than her Mom, and so it was clear to Sasha that she had to exercise herself in patience, if she didn't want to rob herself of this surprise.

Just the way you are - A fanfiction of figure skating Part 2
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Happy May Day & a scary Walpurgis Night @ all :)

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Dear friends :)

I want to wish all of you a wonderful May Day & a great witchy Walpurgis Night :)

Don't get caught by the witchcraft ;)

Kindest regards,

Cosima :)

Happy May Day &amp; a scary Walpurgis Night @ all :)
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Happy Earth Day @ all :)

Posted on April 22 2014 by Cosima

Wishing a Happy Earth Day to all of you :)


Happy Earth Day @ all :)
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Just the way you are - A fanfiction of figure skating

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Just the way you are - A fanfiction of figure skating

Hello my dear friends :)

As I promised I want to fill this site with more english stuff for you to enjoy and here it is - I start posting my very first novel ever which was a so-called fanfiction :) Please have mercy when some english words or phrases seem a little odd but keep in mind please that it's not my native language as a German girl ;)

Before you can enjoy I have to say that this is a fanFICTION which means none of the events took place and all the famous skaters are only in it because of my huge admiration for their work and my love for this sport :) I want to take the opportunity to thank them all for the incredible inspiration that made me start writing at all & also a huge thank you for Billy Joels wonderful song that influenced me in writing this down, too :)

And here it goes, please enjoy part 1 of my fanfiction "Just the way you are", any feedback and comments or sharing welcome :)

Just the way you are

Sasha Ansbach sat on the couch in her appartment. She read her favorite-book. A young girl meets her figure skating-idol by chance and after some dramatic turns her dream comes true and they find to each other. She must have read the book already at least 1000 times, but she always had to cry at the same points.

Despite all, it was only a story.

Completely made up.

And even if Sasha loved to dive into her little dream-world, so she was sufficiently realistic to know that something similar never happens in the real life.

At least in her life.

Sasha was a rather quiet, sensitive type, that retreated quickly into her shell, if she felt treated unjustly or offended. Whoever didn't know her usually took her this attitude for arrogance. She didn't let many people close to herself. This had 2 reasons. First, the death of the grandmother, that she experienced with 15 years skin-near, had shaped her. She had loved her grandmother, she still loved her. She often missed her and if everything around her lay in shards once again, Sasha often thought of her and cried. She had had a wonderful childhood. Despite the alleged „blemish “, that some dull people and gossip-aunts around her, felt as such: she had had no father, was reared by her mother and her grandmother. Both had formed Sasha with much love and hug-heat to the human being, that she was now. She was infinitely grateful to both, her Mom Linda and her grandmother Agnes for that,...even if she sometimes could not show this. The other reason for her introversion was her look, which not corresponded to her ideas from beautiful. She was too small for her weight, expressed nicely. There were admittedly days, of which she thought,: hey, you look not so badly at all....but these days were rare. And so 2 sad green-brown eyes usually looked at her in an actually lovable face in her mirror.

Sasha shut her book and looked at the clock. It was short before 2 pm. In half an hour, she wanted to meet with her Mom. In the Saddle Dome in Calgary.

After her grandmother was dead, Sasha had emigrated with her Mom to Canada. That was now 14 years ago already. In Germany, her mother had already been a sought-after figure skating-trainer. When the offer to coach new figure skating-talents in Calgary lay after Agnes ' death on the table, she agreed, because there were no further relatives or other obligations which bound them on Germany, they had the freedom to do this step.

And they had not regretted it so far.

The life in Calgary was simply fantastic.

The surroundings.

The people.

Well, one must first win the by nature rather introverted Canadian with much patience for oneself. If one has managed this, one has found a friend for life.

It was, in short, a quite new life-feeling in this country, which had turned in short time into a second home for them.

Furthermore it entails some conveniences if you have a figure skating-trainer as mother.

Sasha had got to know many stars personally in the course of the time. First through shows and championships to which she, thanks to her Mom, always had backstage-passes and second through the fact, that she spent the biggest part of her leisure time with watching her mother when she’s coaching.

So she had got to know the Swiss Stephane Lambiel for example.

After he was deceived by the jury-mafia at the European Championships in Lausanne 2002 about a bronze -, or even silver-medal, he had placed all hopes into the Olympic winter-games in Salt Lake City and the Worlds in Nagano. However he could not repeat his outstanding performance of Lausanne especially since the biggest part of the already known world-elite was present at both competitons.

Sasha regretted all that even more, because as an only 16-year old one he had skated in Lausanne the free program of his previous life and was not rewarded for it.

In the end, a for his circumstances flawful Alexei Yagudin made it to the very top, followed by a Alexander Abt who had normally earned after an outstanding performance instead of Yagudin gold and on the third place ranked a middle-splendid Brian Joubert.

Sasha couldn’t understand the world at that time.

Had all the judges been blind?

Had no one discovered the unbelievable potential, that was in this young skater?


One person had discovered it.

And that was Sashas Mom Linda.

After the debacle in Lausanne, the disappointing winter-games and the WM, Stephane had called Linda personally. She requested 2 days of time to consider. Her telephone rang in the evening of the second day. Stephane called once again.

And Linda agreed.

Admitted, the agreement took place for 2 reasons: Firstly, Sasha had bothered Linda permanently in these 2 days:“You MUST coach him, he’ll be great someday, I can feel it!“, and secondly Linda had of course also noticed at the first sight that she held an uncut diamond in the hands, waiting only for the right cut.

And so he stood with Linda on the ice 1 day later and trained.

He trained for his 1. European Champion-title.

At that time, Sasha was in the Saddle Dome more often than otherwise, because it was something special to see how an uncut diamond turns into a jewel.

And this young Swiss fascinated her with his skills.

He was the pirouette-king without a crown.

His „Cirque you soleil “-program was the sweetest she had ever seen.

How he imitated a tightrope walker on the ice....it simply had an irresistible charm.

Just like Stephane himself.

But despite intensive flirting from his side, he was more like a little brother for Sasha even if this didn't always please him.

From the first day of his stay in Calgary on, they had got along very well with each other.

Stephane and Sasha became friends quickly.

Very good friends.

And if Stephane could have decided, maybe even more would have been able to become of them. But Sasha had taught him gently that this would never happen. After all, she was almost 10 years older.

So they had agreed to be the very best friends and always be there for the other if there were difficulties.

But sometimes „forgot “Stephane this „agreement “and spread a charm, that she could hardly escape. But Sasha couldn’t take offence at him and sometimes enjoyed it even.

Last year, at the Euros 2004, Stephane had asked Sasha to come to the competition as his personal lucky charm.

She had traveled with her Mom often to competitions, but a skater, that Linda trained, had never asked her whether she would like to be as his talisman.

Usually, they were much too excited to think of something like that.

Apart from it, Sasha would also have refused since she couldn’t and don’t wanted to take so much responsibility.

But when Stephane wore his „please-please-please!“- gaze, not even Sasha could refuse him something. Furthermore she knew how much it meant to him to know her at his side, on the maybe most decisive day of his career, the possible 1. European Champion-title of Stephane Lambiel from Switzerland.

He had worked 2 years very hard and Linda had supported and demanded him after best strengths.

And the work had paid off. He had already climbed the top clearly in the short-program. Alexei Yagudin had landed chance-loosely after 2 falls on place 4, Plushenko had canceled due to an injury.

Then, the free program came.

Sasha stood trembling at the edge, not far away from the Kiss & Cry-Area.

It was a question of all or nothing.

Her hands hurt from keeping her fingers crossed and from the cold, but Sasha hardly noticed it.

She concentrated on Stephane, who left again the whole skater-elite far behind him.

Never previously, his jumps had landed so dreamily safely.

Never previously his program was so full of emotion and power of expression.

Never previously, his pirouettes were so breathtaking.

When he had finished his program, he earned standing ovations for minutes. The public celebrated its new European Champion. Tears of joy ran over Sashas face. Also Stephane couldn’t believe his luck and had let his feelings out. The whole hard work, the intensive training, how much blood, sweat and tears he had invested into his big goal, it hadn’t been in vain.

He knew whom he had to owe this. To the biggest part of course Linda, from whose experience and professionality he had profited enormously. She had made him to that which he was now, European Champion 2004.

But he had also another person to owe this.


Even if she had clarified from the beginning that both would never become lovers, she was always there for him if he needed her the most.

She was it, that comforted him, if something had went wrong in the training and not so as he had thought it.

She cheered him up again if there was a dispute with Linda.

She encouraged him again and again not to resign so shortly before the first big goal in his life.

In the Kiss & Cry-Area they fell each other crying into the arms. Tears of the joy ran also over Lindas face. She was so proud of Stephane.

They waited for the marks.

Yeaaaaah, already in the artistry marks 4-times 6.0...this could outbid no one.

And the marks for presentation.....

Aaaaaaaaah, 6-times 6.0!!!

Now, it was official.

The European Champion 2004 was Stephane Lambiel from Switzerland!

That was almost 1 year ago.

Despite many lucrative offers, to shift into the pro-camp and to skate in shows, Stephane stayed with Linda. And with Sasha. He knew, what he had to owe both, and wouldn’t forget this for no money of the world.

Also not, as Alexei Yagudin snatched away the certainly believed gold-medal before the nose from him at the Worlds 2004 in Dortmund.

Sasha was once more of the solid conviction that things had not been right.

Yagudin had slipped up the triple Salchow and with the quadruple Toeloop he had also to do magic badly in order not to kiss the ice.

But Stephane had shown a flawless program again.

No shaking, no slipping, nothing.

But he didn't complain.

He was pleased like a snow-king about the vice-title.

He had asked Sasha again to come along, and that she had agreed again, that was the most important for him.

This time, he was the one who had to comfort Sasha. She had hoped so much that he makes it. To see him robbed of the victory again, hurt her.

She was pleased of course also about the vice-title, no question, even if he wouldn’t have made it to rank in the first 3 places, this would have altered nothing between them.

No, something else depressed her.

As they were out of the gaze - and hearing-field of cameras and microphones, Stephane asked Sasha what’s wrong.

Sasha: You see, that’s what you get from taking your „lucky charm “everywhere! I have failed!

As a result, he first dried the tears, that still ran over her cheeks, took her into his arms and kissed her forehead.

Stephane: Cheri, I never want to hear something similarly stupid again! You have already brought me so much luck! Would I be an European Champion without you? Probably hardly! And if I wouldn’t have had you at my side today, I wouldn’t have become even vice-World-Champion! You know exactly how much it means to me to know you in my proximity! Therefore, I want NEVER to hear such nonsense from you again, Sasha! D'accord?

He called Sasha only by her first name if something was very serious for him. She felt that it was very important for him to know that she does well and she hadn’t to blame herself for anything.

She was very gratefully for him for this affectionate gesture and kissed him on the cheek.

Next year, Stephane, next year no one can stand in your way to the very top, she thought.

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